IACC Code of Ethics

All Professional Coaches of IACC recognize that they’re bound by applicable regulations and laws: they acknowledge and are respectful of different approaches to coaching, and aspire to conduct themselves in such a manner as to positively reflect upon the coaching profession.
Professional Conduct

a) I will accurately identify my IACC credentials, my coaching qualifications, experience, certifications and expertise.

b) I will not unknowingly make false claims in any written documentation relating to my credentials, the coaching profession, or the IACC, nor will I knowingly make any public statement that’s misleading or untrue about what I offer as a coach.

c) I will honor and recognize the contributions and efforts of others, and not misrepresent them as my own. I acknowledge and understand that any violation of this standard could leave me liable to legal remedy by a third party.

d) At all times I will strive to recognize personal issues that may interfere, conflict, or impair my coaching relationships or my coaching performance. Should the circumstances and facts necessitate, I will immediately seek professional assistance and determine what action should be taken, which may include suspending or terminating my coaching relationship/s.

e) At all times I will conduct myself according to the IACC Code of Ethics in coach training, mentoring and supervisory activities.

f) Any records created during my coaching business will be maintained, stored, and disposed of in a manner that promotes security, confidentiality, and privacy; also complying with any applicable agreements and laws.

g) At all times I will conduct and report research with honesty, competence, and within applicable subject guidelines and recognized scientific standards. All research will be carried out with an approach that protects participants from potential harm and with the necessary approval and consent of those involved.

h) IACC Members’ contact information such as telephone numbers, email addresses, and so on will only be used in the manner and to the extent as authorized by the IACC.

Conflicts of Interest

a) It’s my intention at all times to avoid conflicts of interest and potential conflicts of interest. Should a conflict arise, any such conflict will be openly disclosed and I will offer to withdraw myself from the said situation.

b) I will only barter for goods, services, or other non-monitory remuneration when the coaching relationship will not be impaired.

c) At all times I will make full disclosure to both my coaching client and their sponsor regarding any anticipated compensation I may receive from, or pay to, another party for referrals of their client.

d) Except by compensation as agreed to in the contract or agreement, I will not knowingly take any professional, personal, or monetary benefit or advantage of the coach-client relationship.

Professional Conduct with Coaching Clients

a) I will have clear contracts or agreements with my clients and sponsor/s. All contracts and agreements made in the context of professional coaching relationships will be honored.

b) I will not knowingly make misleading or false claims regarding what my sponsor or client will receive from me as the coach or from the coaching process.

c) Prior to or at our initial meeting I will explain and strive to ensure that my client and sponsor/s fully understand the financial arrangements, the nature of coaching, the limits and nature of confidentiality, and any other terms of the coaching contract or agreement.

d) At no time will I offer my prospective clients or sponsors advice or information I believe or know to be false or misleading.

e) I agree that sexual intimacy will not occur with any of my current sponsors or clients.

f) At all times I will take responsibility for setting appropriate, clear, and culturally sensitive boundaries regarding any contact I might have with my coaching sponsors or clients.

g) At any point during the process, and subject to the provisions of the contract or agreement, I will respect my client’s decision and right to terminate our coaching relationship. I will acknowledge indications that our coaching relationship is no longer benefiting the client.

h) I will suggest, when deemed appropriate or necessary, that my client seek the coaching services of other professionals.

i) If I believe the sponsor or client would be better served by a different coach or another resource I will encourage the sponsor or client to make a change.


a) Unless required by law, I will have a clear contract or agreement prior to releasing information to another person and will maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with all sponsor and client information.

b) I will have a clear agreement about coaching information and how it will be exchanged between coach, client and sponsor.

c) I will clarify confidentiality policies with students when training student coaches.

d) To the extent applicable, I will ensure that any person or associated coach whom I manage in service of both my clients and their sponsors in a voluntary or paid capacity has a clear contract or agreement to adhere to the IACC Code of Ethics Privacy/Confidentiality standards and the entire IACC Code of Ethics.